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I started making jewelry when I was unable to have any kind of metals touching my skin.

I went to using many other ways of fastening my jewelry like buttons and unique ties.

I consign unique jewelry pieces and collections for many different people and events. Do you

have that special dress or outfit you need a unique peice to really make it shine? I can help!

Nothing to big or small I have lots of unique and traditional ideas.

Feel free to browse the few things I have had time to photo shoot. I have tons of items

not pictured yet. Wether I have an already made piece or you have and idea you can get

your questions answered by emailing me!

for more information on any pieces pictured below feel free to

ask. All pieces are backed with leather or fabric so it is all that touches the skin.  Many items have interchangeable necklace options.

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This piece has options for interchangeable necklace pieces. Shown here with a turquoise neckpiece.

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This piece is a collar and a good size piece.

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This piece is stones, leather and unique beading with a leather back piece.


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This piece is a wedding ensemble. Necklace, pin, bracelet and interchangeable earings.



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This piece is made with glass beads and assorted unique beads. Has two interchangeble necklaces. One is a slide and the other an itricate necklace of matching beads. There is also a sperate attachable leather backing piece.jewelry_2aslide.jpg (37335 bytes)

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This simple piece can be changed to have a different necklace. Shown here with a metal neckpiece.


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This piece made with buttons and unique beading. With and interchangeable necklace option. Shown with using beads in the necklace.


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This piece is turquiouse beading and unique medalions. Has matching bracelet and earings.


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This piece is made with stones, denim, and unique beads. Has 4 interchangeable necklaces. It's backing is leather. Also has matching bracelet.







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This piece made with abalony pieces and assorted beads and crystals. Interchangeable necklace is possible shown with a unique chain.


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This piece made is a commission piece to match their boots. SOLD



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Two seperate pieces. Green and gold and Red and gold. Priced seperately.