Gonta X Airy

Bullet X Delta

Rockie X Suede

CH. TimberSky's Fly With The Wind "Gus" Owned by: Terry Daniels    TimberSky's White Spirit "Ice" Owned by: Jodi Engel & Bart Fielder  "Jimmy"  Owned by: Jim & Jeanne Paillot  Huricane Siberians & Akitas

Bullet X Mink

 Hoss X Cessna

Bullet X Delta

  CH. TimberSky's Kinoko Daionji  "Kinoko"  Owned by: Frank & Yuki Vierra     TimberSky's No White Kuroi Kao "One"  Owned by: Jodi Engel & Gary Kinzler    CH. TimberSky's Sky Commander "Pilot"  Owned by: Bill & Susan Burr  Showtime Akitas

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