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Sonic X Gavel

Cosmo (on the left)  and his family the Mullins


Caliber X Mink   

TimberSky's Richocette "Rikki"  Owned and dearly missed by: Brenda & Chet Bosen

Bullet X Delta

Atlas X Suede

Rockie X Star

TimberSky's Haiku "Haiku" with "Caliber"  Haiku Owns: Adam Gorove & Michelle Heath shown on her 9th birthday

   TimberSky's Got More Bullets "Magnum" Owned by: Becky Topp Showtimes Backstage Gossip "Katie"  Co-bred by: Susan Burr  Owned by: Becky Topp







Bullet X Mink

Arianna X Tom  

                Arianna X Justice

Tiaset X Tracker

 TimberSky's Miki's Flyin' High "Miki"  Owned by: Dana Ozbun CH. EBA-ET Loaded Bear TimberSky "TJ"  and ET's Annie Get Your Gun  "Annie"

TJ co-bred with Dale Smith Enchanted Bear Akitas Owned by: Tom & Eloise Thornton 

Annie co-bred with Eloise & Tom Thornton Queen Creek Akitas  Owned by: Tom & Eloise

 "Amber" is owned by Lamont and Amy Warren

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