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Bred by:  Jodi Lundin, Todd and Wendy Dalton

Owned by: Jodi Lundin, Todd and Wendy Dalton

                  CH. TimberSky's Maximum Caliber "Gatlin"

SIRE: BISS CH. TimberSky's For Summits On Top "Summit"

                   CH.Sondaisa's Rose River of TimberSky ROMP "River"


                  CH. TimberSky's Maximum Caliber "Gatlin"

DAM CH. TimberSky's Treasure at Algarin "Shyan"

                  CH. TimberSky's Secret Echo "Sonar"

CERF to young

OFA: to young


Snugs at 3 weeks

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Snugs at 4 weeks

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Snugs at 6 weeks

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Snugs at 8 weeks

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Snugs at 16 weeks

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Snugs at 16 weeks

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Snugs at 16 weeks


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